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This girl moved from the countryside to the city to study “alternative medicine” in Prague University.  She thought modelling would be a good way to make ends meet, and with a body like hers why not! She was incredible, her beautiful natural tits, delicious pussy and tight ass were just amazing.
When she opened her legs and I could see some moisture dripping through those plump lips I almost came in my pants. This was one of the first castings I did so I think I was as nervous as her, that's probably why I accidentally came a little bit inside her (wonder what the “alternative medicine” to birth control is?). I even managed to convince her to try anal, but it was difficult and  awkward because her asshole was tighter than  my sisters purse.
She made me nervous, I really didn't think she was going to believe me because she looked very tough in the beginning. In the first minutes of the casting I felt she was suspicious of me and was feeling uncomfortable which made things very awkward. Her body had maybe a little bit of meat on it but that's fine with me, I liked her big natural tits and her sad brown eyes (like the eyes of a baby cow) very much. Once I'd talked her into it she relaxed and  I think she had an orgasm when I was eating her pussy. I don't know if she's cut out for porn, not that it matters because I can't help her. Sorry Valerie, but hey, thanks for the sex!